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100 Club Lottery Rules

The following will be the Club Lottery Rules:

1. The “100 Club” will be operated under The Gambling Act 2005, which deals with a Small Society Lottery. The promoter will be the Chairman, 1st Easebourne Scouts and Guides Executive team ( ESGET)

2. ESGET reserves the right to alter the Rules of the “100 Club” from time to time, as may be necessary. A copy of the current Rules will be available on our website: 

3. All profits made by the “100 Club” will be used to support and maintain the hut  and the sections of 1st Easebourne Scout & Guides that use it

4. The Lottery will be limited to 100 members of 1st Easebourne Scout & Guides parents, carers and guardians over the age of 16 years 

5. The cost of entry will be £1 our box, per draw. there is no limit to the amount of boxes you can purchase, and there is no obligation to have the same box(es) in every draw

6. A draw will take place on the 2nd of every month for cash prizes. Winners of prizes will be notified by text /email  and the results of the draw will be open for inspection and published on our website.

7. 50% of the total annual subscriptions will be paid out in the form of cash prizes; for this purpose the “100 Club” year will run from 1st May to 30th April.

8. The draws will be conducted by 3 people, one of whom will be the Chairman of the ESGET (or in his absence the Vice Chairman or Secretary).

9. No “100 Club” participant will be included in the draw if the appropriate entry fee has not been received  or a contact email of phone number has not been provided.The promoter reserves the right to reallocate any Draw Number where these conditions are breached

10. Prizes will be paid in cash by the ESGET directly to the winner

11. In the event of there being less than 100 participants, prizes shall be awarded on a pro rata basis of the actual number of members at the time of the draw.